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print ready!

So your book is almost there, congratulations! The last few steps can be tricky but I'll help you cross that finish line & make sure you're print ready.

Finished Book with Marketing Tools

Let's get you print ready & marketed!

So you're ready to publish. Now what? How do you get your book in the hands of people who will love it like you do?

I can help you get the word out.

Illustrated, print

ready & marketed!

This is it, the whole package! Let's work together every step of the way to make this book a great success with illustration, marketing, consulting & more!

"After years of writing but never taking the next step, I finally decided to send one of my books off to press. The writing was apparently the easy part as there were several other steps required before I could get my hands on a hard copy of my book. Who could help me with all that was required? Erin Cutler that’s who! She guided me through the entire process and put me on the perfect path from applying for copyright and ISBN codes to setting up an online presence to reach my potential readers. There are many of us who have a burning desire to write but need technical support (especially now) to share the stories in our hearts and minds. I cannot thank Erin enough for her patience and guidance throughout this process. I highly recommend Erin to all kindred-writers!" 


- P. Amanda Frumkin



This package is for the author who is almost there! I will help you get your manuscript and illustrations print ready, which can be a little tricky to navigate sometimes. I will also assist you with distribution. Overall we will work on type setting, formatting, colour correcting and the overall design of your book. I want to give your book the detailed eye it deserves.




If you've written and illustrated your book and you're thinking to yourself, what now? The Book Buddy package is for you! I will help you get your manuscript and illustrations ready for printing and distribution. It includes type setting, formatting, colour correcting and the overall design of your book. But printing isn't the end of the journey, I will also help you market and build an audience for your book online. Let's be book buddies!



Publishing your book can be a daunting process, especially for first time authors. That's why this package is built to assist you through the entire experience. Along with getting you print ready, your overall design and online marketing, this package includes an illustration service. We will sit down together and talk about your vision for the story you've created and I will bring it to life. I have a Bachelors Degree in Illustration and quite a few books under my belt so rest assured you are in good hands. Let's make your publishing dreams come true together!

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