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Add to your reading and learning experience with Inkling's special Smudge gift package! Included in the package is your very own felted smudge, a vibrant "8 x 10" print, the book and 10 pages of activity and colouring book fun! The activity book is packed with extended reading questions to engage kids and immerse them even further into the morals and lessons of Smudge's colourful adventure! 


For as long as Smudge remembers, clouds have been separated by colour. The colour you live in, is the colour you stay in. Despite the separation, Smudge is a curious being who dreams of rainbows and a world where they can experience all of the colours together! When Smudge shares their rainbow dream with family, Smudge quickly realizes that everyone is afraid of living differently. Smudge sets out on a spectacular journey to experience all of the colours, make exciting new friends and unite the cloud worlds together! This is a story that reminds us all that change is possible if you’re daring enough to imagine it. Join Smudge on an unexpected and thrilling journey to self-acceptance, unity and friendship.


-"8.5 x 11" 

-24 full colour pages

-Age recommendation 3 - 5 

-lgbtq+ friendly 


Package includes,

-10 page activity book 

-Small felted smudge 

-"8 x 10" art print 


Want to write a letter to Smudge or any Inkling characters? Send it to the e-mail address to hear back. 

DELUXE package for The Colourful Adventures of Smudge

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