Bring home your very own Arty with this special limited offer. Purchase of the Arty the Alien book comes with a mini Arty! Keep the fun going at home while your little one and Arty explore earth together. The premium package also comes with three adorable stickers. 


-Mini arty is made out of felt and wool. 

-Toy is "4.5 x 2" in size. 

-Stickers are "2x2" in size, package comes with 4 stickers.

-Soft cover book, 32 pages


Book Description 


Join Arty the alien on his first trip to planet earth! Afraid of not fitting in, Arty disguises himself in a moustache. When his rocket ship lands in Millie’s backyard, she happily takes him on a surprising adventure. Will Arty be able to keep his disguise? Arty the Alien is a silly, heartwarming children’s book about accepting each other no matter our differences.


Written by Emily Cutler

Illustrated by Erin Cutler

Arty the Alien Book and Felt Toy, Premium Package