In this charming book packed with adventure, humor and compassion you'll follow Arty the Alien on an unexpected, earthly adventure. 


Arty is a silly, friendly and hilarious character that makes children laugh! Millie, Arty’s first ever human friend is kind, sweet and friendly. You don’t want to miss out on what these two get up to on their earth adventure. 


The journey begins with Arty the Alien taking off in his rocket ship to travel to Earth for the first time. Afraid of not fitting in, Arty disguises himself with a moustache. 

He’s a long way from the stars when he lands in a little girl named Millie’s backyard. Millie happily takes Arty on a proper earth adventure to the ice-cream shop! Arty worries that his earth friend Millie won’t accept him if she finds out he has three toes, green skin and one eye. In a frightful turn of events, Arty gets caught up in the flavourful, cold, gooey ice-cream and loses his moustache! 


Without his disguise, will Millie still accept Arty as a friend? 


Arty’s trip to Earth teaches us to accept one another no matter our differences, to be proud of your identity and always be true to yourself.  

-Soft cover book, 32 pages, full colour.
-Rhythming book 
-Personal inscriptions available

Arty the alien sat in his rocket ship floating waaaaay up into space. 
He looked down at the earth and sighed to himself, 
"Oh what a curious place." 


He dreamed of visiting the planet below but feared he would never fit in. 
He had only one eye, three toes on each foot and bright green and purpley skin.


Written by Emily Cutler 
Illustrated by Erin Cutler 
Published by Inkling Publishing 

Arty The Alien, Published by Inkling Publishing