Affirmations can be used in our daily lives to affirm a positive truth about ourselves. Affirmation cards for children are important because they create a doorway for positive thinking during their important years of growth and character building.

Cards can be placed around a room or the house, as positive reminders. They can also be hung decoratively with a string and clothespins or framed. Another possibility is to have your kid pick a different card each day and repeat the affirmation to themselves. Lastly, the cards make a great conversation starter with children about what the meaning of kindness, beauty and confidence truly are.

These cards focus on self acceptance, kindness, bravery and appreciation. Every illustration was carefully hand painted by me to describe each affirmation. In the deck of cards you'll find my three Inkling mascots Avery bear, Ronan the rabbit and Lennon the fox.

This learning pack is friendly, positive, educational and interactive!

-There are 12 cards.
-Cards are "4 x 4" in size.
-Open to customizations message me your ideas!

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Affirmation Cards for Kids