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You Matter

I had to learn that I mattered, repeat that I mattered and become someone who believed that they mattered. I used to sway more on this side of realism, logic and pessimism, it was from these dark core beliefs that I simply believed I didn’t matter, everything was irreverent and nothing I could do would ever make a meaningful significance in this world. I don’t know where I learned this and I don’t know why I clung to it. What I do know, is that changing this belief changed everything.

Why does believing in your impact and significance matter to your business? It matters because you won’t pursue your goals and dreams if you don’t believe in their ability to exist and make a difference in this world. If you don’t believe in your ideas, who will? It starts with you, it has to, it’s the only way, trust me I’ve tried looking for other ways. I’ve tried looking for other ways because it’s uncomfortable to take a deep look at your belief system and how it may be holding you back. We get comfortable in our thought patterns, we become complicit and we accept what we have as all we need. But what if you asked for a little more? What if you believed in your ability to create.

I think human beings are deeply compassionate and empathetic, even when we act self serving, underneath our actions, there is always a desire to love and be known. Perhaps it’s this intrinsic desire to be known that makes us afraid of admitting that we matter. Like if we admit that we want to be heard and seen we leave ourselves vulnerable to rejection.

"Living life in the shadows of your ideas won't bring them to the light."

But here is the thing, living life in the shadows of your ideas won’t bring them to the light. If you want to be heard (and I think we all do), you’ve got to believe in yourself. Once you establish that you matter, you’ll have your back when the rejection comes and you’ll be right there cheering when the success comes. Believing that you matter gives you access to accountability, you are in charge of your outcome. There is fear in accountability, but there is also power.

I value every client I work with for who they fundamentally are and what their ideas and goals are. I believe that all ideas matter, the big ones and the small ones. I’ve faced rejection, tons of it, it’s the price of being vulnerable and believing in your creativity. The rejection stung, but it had nothing on my belief in my ability to communicate my ideas. If what I wanted in life wasn’t going to happen through the typical channels of my industry, than I would create new channels.

My platform is interested in helping other writers and creatives pave pathways for their stories and projects. Paving pathways because we all deserve to find our way, because we all matter.

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