Waiting On the World to Change

I’ve spent many years of my life deeply troubled and afraid of global warming. The detrimental state of our planet was never a hoax or possibly to me, it was a truth and it has been the saddest truth I have ever come to know.

Trees reaching out for each other as the ravaging hands of fire destroy all hope.

My global warming fear and paranoia began when Al Gore, former vice president of the United States released the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006. I deeply understood the message within the documentary and after watching, I decided to take action.

I performed a very ambitious global warming skit for my school talent show. Looking back, the whole skit was very uncool and bizarre. I dressed in all green and fearlessly chanted “REDUCE, REUSE, RECYLE” in front of the entire school, while flailing around to the song “waiting on the world to change”, by John Mayor. It’s safe to say that my environmental theatrics did not change the world. Instead, the performance only left me with an irreversible feeling of defeat.

As the rest of the Western world moved on from the 2006 documentary, as did I. The global warming fear was too much and my activism was too passive.

Today, I am witnessing another powerful climate change movement. I can’t help but feel filled with hope and optimism again. This time, it isn't a documentary that’s merely exposing the truth, it’s young activists and large climate strikes demanding to be heard. I see myself in every young activist that holds their protesting sign up with courageous boldness. I see the faces of these children and I’m remembering my passion in that talent show performance. How I really believed that I could save the planet. These kids have that same fearless ambition, courage and passion as I had, except their not alone, they stand together and together they are a powerful force.

I hope this younger generation doesn't have to face the defeat and silencing that my generation faced. I hope this movement shakes the entire political system to it’s core. I hope that change becomes an action and we no longer have to wait for the world to change. I stand with this younger generation and will continue to do everything I can to propel change. The children have inspired me to re-connect with my 2006 year old self.

I dream of a world where children don’t have to fear the destruction our beautiful planet.

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