The Illustrator and the Poet

Every opportunity starts with an inkling of an idea, it starts with you. Then, when preparation meets opportunity, the small idea blossoms into a force of action.

I’ve known for awhile now that I wanted to find a poet to collaborate with. I believe that art can’t exist without poetry and poetry can’t exist without art. The two artistic forces harmoniously work together to reflect the deeper world around us. With art and writing, we are able to tap into our emotionally charged selves.

Illustration based off Jocelyn's poem Clay Exercise

How I Found my Collaboration

I sat with this poetry collaboration idea for about 2 months, just letting it simmer and grow, keeping my eyes open. It wasn’t until I was on the site Contemporary Verse 2, that I stumbled across Jocelyn Anderson’s poem “Startled Shut” and my curiosity spiked. Her poem was eloquent, emotionally raw and crafted beautifully. I was certain that I found my poetry collaboration partner.

Preparation collided with opportunity, the stars aligned and art found poetry. Jocelyn happened to have a new chapter book coming out titled “Alter After Delete”. Within our collaboration, we are working together to create promotional material for the month lead up to her anticipated book release.

Reading her incredible poetry, interpreting each others work, and bouncing creative ideas off of each other, has completely rejuvenated my innovative and inspired brain. Sketches are just pouring out of my pencil and I feel so refreshingly motivated.

A Message to Artists

Artists of all kinds, if your work is feeling dry, uninspired or repetitive…. then reach out to another artist for a collaboration! It’s a really beautiful way to not only support your artistic community but to also motivate you and strengthen your work.

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