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Using Marketing to Find Your Book Community

The internet seems a little less vast and impossible when you know where your book fits into it. There are so many unique communities out there. When you find your readers (and they are out there) you get to find your community as well.

Let's hear what Emily Cutler, the author of Arty the Alien and a marketing/design expert, has to say.

When you're marketing your book it's important to keep in mind who you wrote it for. Who is the audience you're trying to reach that will purchase this book? Before I start any kind of promotion I like to put myself in their shoes and build a profile of what that audience might look like.

Here's an example. When I was marketing Arty The Alien I wanted to reach homeschool parents and elementary school teachers. I researched my audience by joining Facebook groups, following their accounts on Instagram and taking note of the hashtags they used. I discovered a platform I had overlooked, Pinterest, where teachers find all kinds of educational and kid friendly resources. I even looked at a few authors that I considered competitors to help me find what made my book unique from theirs.

This marketing post is tailored to our teacher and parent audience because it highlights the moral and lesson of the story. Books with lessons are very important to teachers.

How I found My Audience and kept them Engaged

  1. Hashtagged my posts with the same hashtags my audience would search for.

  2. Shared my book in the places online where my audience spent the most time.

  3. Created ads that spoke directly to my audience by talking about Arty in the classroom or in relation to learning or school.

  4. Created an experience around my character beyond the book with videos, pictures and silly facts to keep my audience engaged.

The purpose of marketing is to sell your book of course, but don't forget that you are also trying to build a community that will support this book and the next. Through hashtags, researching competitors and tailored ads; I am certain you will find your audience and your community.

Enjoy some Arty the Alien content below and let it inspire you! There are endless ways to market your book, create intrigue and expand your audience. For Arty the Alien, these videos really helped our readers get to know our favorite green alien's goofy personality.

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