Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Art has always felt like a guiding light, illuminating a strange winding path of self exploration and purposefulness. All my life I have followed this path, putting my trust into my passion and my intuition.

Where it all Began

My love of art began when I was very young. I was an incredibly shy and timid kid who was terribly afraid of the great big world. I believe that’s why I was so drawn to my own vivid imagination and my ability to create. Art was a safe place that allowed me to express my quiet voice and communicate my feelings, where in school I felt really small and quiet.

Finding My Creative Outlet

Growing up, I found myself feeling brave whenever I was close to any form of art. I was in dance classes and recitals, I was casted as peter pan in a school play,

I delivered speeches in front of my school, I was even in the talent show preforming a hilarious comedy skit. Any form of creative expression really brought out the best of me and I loved how my ideas could connect with other people and create a lasting impression on them. I quickly transformed from the kid who afraid of everything, to the kid who was preforming on stage every chance she got.

My whole entire childhood I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up. Entering high school, I realized that I loved drawing the dresses more than designing and sewing them. I also realized that I would prefer to paint the set of a play rather than be an actor in it. Every choice I made in high school brought me closer to illustration.

Getting into Hogwarts (aka Art School)

Loving art and feeling passionate about creating, is a different thing then making it your career. When I got into a competitive illustration program, I was very nonchalant about the whole thing. Even though at this point in my life, I had embraced painting and drawing, I hadn’t fully committed to the idea of professionally pursing art. Quickly into my first year of school everything started to align. I once heard a professor say how going to art school is comparable to going to Hogwarts. That’s what first year felt like to me, Hogwarts. For the first time in my life, other people were speaking my language, and sharing my passion with me. It was vibrant, magical and deeply enlightening. Also for the first time in my life, the world wasn’t so scary, I felt like I'd finally found my purpose and I was in the exact place that I was supposed to be.

Life After Art School

Four years and a Bachelor Degree later, here I am finally pursing my artistic career. It’s tough and it challenges me everyday. I have to wake up each morning and choose to show up for my artist journey. I have to listen to my intuition, be insanely vulnerable and willing to face rejection. However, I’ve come to realize that if the pursuit is tough, if it challenges you, then you’re probably learning and growing, and what is adventure without a journey…. what is life without growth.

Blindly following a spark of passion, and believing in fate is not a completely comfortable way to live life. However, it’s pretty darn exciting and I wouldn't have it any other way. I created this blog to share not only my love of art with others, but to have a place where I can openly and honestly talk about my strange and beautiful art journey.

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