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Falling in Love with Books

When did you fall in love with books?

For me, that would be grade 7.

The beginning of a book obsession

Prior to grade 7, I had always been a reader, but it wasn't my obsession. I spent my childhood playing outside, biking across the suburbs and eating candy from the corner store. There wasn’t really time to read if I’m being honest. That wasn’t until … I didn’t have friends anymore.

In grade 7, my friends got put into a different classroom than me. This is typical in grade school, not really a cause for concern because kid’s make friends quickly. However, grade 7 is a little tricky because kid’s start turning into teenagers and friend groups are formed. I really tried to get into other friend groups. Every attempt ended with, “There is just no room, our table is full.” Invites fell short and any popularity I may have had, quickly plummeted. Before I knew it, I was on the outside looking in. Slowly drifting away from my old friends and epically failing at making new ones.

In the midst of social isolation, I joined intermediate book club. There was a set of books you had to read before casting a vote on your favorite at the end of the year. If you were thinking, “this is probably where Erin makes friends.” You are very wrong. I was the only member in my entire school to join the club. So naturally, my friends became books.

Books Were My Savior

Books were my savior that year. Instead of eating lunch alone, I could look like I was busy reading. Rather than wander around the school yard by myself at recess, I could sit in a corner and read. In a way, they gave me my power back in a time when I felt powerless. I was invisible, but these characters inside the pages of my books made me feel seen. They were reliable friends, there for me whenever I needed them.

Not to mention, during that time was the hype of Goosebumps, The Magic Treehouse, Narnia, Eragon and John Green. I have fond memories of rapidly flipping pages and completely falling into universes. I was hooked.

Where my love of books took me

Books are magical, they have this power to get inside your head. You truly feel like the characters are your best friends. The characters we love, teach us how to survive in a world that changes everyday. To me, books are an endless love letter to the universe, an extension of the soul and all of the emotions that make life so worth it.

My love of books is what has guided me to pursue a career in publishing. I want to help create those magical book moments for other people. I also know how impactful books can be and how much positive change they can create. I know this because books saved me in grade 7 and they continue to make a positive impact on my life today. The books I publish bring people joy and allow others to feel seen.

Comment below and tell me when you fell in love with books. Was is a certain book that pulled you in? Or perhaps a moment in your life?

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