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Who am I?


I am an illustrator living and working in Toronto Ontario. After I graduated college with a degree in illustration, I found gravitated towards the world of publishing. It was my life long love of books and illustrating children’s picture books that took me to where I am today. Throughout my career I have gained knowledge about the backends of traditional and indie publishing. I’ve also become equipped in the skills needed to format books and get them print ready.

Erin Cutler Painting Illustration

What Illustration Means to Me


I want to empower authors to share their stories, perspectives and characters so that readers can continue to learn about our differences and similarities. I'm passionate about diversifying the book industry and encouraging inclusivity. 

I know how discouraging publishing can be, even how discouraging pursuing an idea can be. I want to share my journey as an illustrator in Toronto in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their dreams. 


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