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Arty is on his first trip to planet Earth! Afraid of not fitting in, Arty disguises himself in a moustache to look like a human. When his rocket ship lands in Millie’s backyard, his new friend takes him on a  fantastic sight-seeing adventure. Will Arty be able to keep his disguise? Would Millie still be his friend if she knew?

Arty the Alien is a silly, heartwarming children’s book about accepting each other no matter our differences.

Illustrated Stars

About the Author

Emily Cutler is a Graphic Designer by day and a Creative Writer by night. Growing up she has always had a passion for storytelling and a colourful imagination. When she's not writing or designing she's travelling, beating escape rooms, hanging out with her dog Nova or trying not to be terrible at cooking.


what's new with arty?

Big news, this month Inkling has published Arty the Alien as an Ebook! You can now find Arty on Kobo, Chapters, Barnes and Noble, Amazon or your Ipad!

We have a book trailer! You can catch Arty on youtube now, and share with your friends. 


A charming and colourful little story which teaches the values of acceptance, tolerance and diversity in ways any child, parent or teacher would love. I loved this story.

- Ian Dewell, Elementary School Teacher


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