I have a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration, I'm an award winning illustrator, I've illustrated several successful titles and I'm a proud business owner of Inkling Publishing. 

Hi I'm Erin

Who is Inkling Publishing?


Inkling takes on the role of assisted publishing. Think of me as a chill stage manager. I make sure the performance is ready to debut but you will never see me take the spotlight. I believe in the author's and illustrators taking ownership of their work and making all of their well deserved profit independently. 

I entered the industry as an illustrator for an indie publishing house. While working there I illustrated many successful titles that are currently being sold around the world. During my work for this company, I gained knowledge and experience about how to create a marketable book from start to finish. Lastly, I recently self-published and illustrated my own book titled Arty the Alien, which was written by Emily Cutler.

It’s been quite the uphill journey to get my company to where it is today. For a long time, I was unsure about how I could apply my insight and skills to the publishing industry in an impactful way. I explored many ventures before the stars aligned, such as working in editorial as a freelance illustrator and selling my water colour paintings as nursery décor. I loved these ventures; but I always knew there was a different calling that aligned more with my passion for books. That calling and realization has led me to where I am today, working with authors and publishing books.

Published Illustrated Childrens Book
Published Childrens Book Sample
Erin Cutler Painting Illustration

What Inkling Means to Me


I want to empower authors to share their stories, perspectives and characters so that readers can continue to learn about our differences and similarities. Which ties into one of my goals with Inkling Publishing, to diversify the book industry and encourage inclusivity.

I work very closely with my clients and become invested in their projects because I know from my own experience that publishing a book is meaningful work. Through my passion and engagement, I encourage authors to share their stories and equip them with the tools to do so. I strongly believe that an author can make a positive impact on this world through the art of story telling.

I strive to not only meet but exceed my client’s expectations, which stems from a place of open communication and trust with everyone I work with. 

I know how discouraging publishing can be, even how discouraging pursuing an idea can be. I want to help wherever I can, whether that be illustrating, marketing or just getting your manuscript print ready. Publishing is a journey and I want to be be a part of yours, because your ideas matter.


- Erin Cutler