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Who is Inkling?


Inkling Publishing collaboratively works with authors to turn their creative ideas into marketable books. Through book design, formatting, illustration and consultations, Inkling takes self-publishing to the next level.


There are so many printing and distribution options, Inkling takes the time to find out where you want your product to go and what path is the best option to get you there. This process includes looking at budget, goals and selling platforms. Inkling opens the door to possibilities for your book. 


After I graduated college with a degree in illustration, I found gravitated towards the world of publishing. It was my life long love of books and illustrating children’s picture books that took me to where I am today. Throughout my career I have gained knowledge about the backends of traditional and indie publishing. I’ve also become equipped in the skills needed to format books and get them print ready.


I created Inkling Publishing with the hopes of sharing my industry knowledge with authors and ultimately getting more original stories into the world (because you can never have to many books).

Erin Cutler Painting Illustration

What Inkling Means to Me


I want to empower authors to share their stories, perspectives and characters so that readers can continue to learn about our differences and similarities. Which ties into one of my goals with Inkling Publishing, to diversify the book industry and encourage inclusivity.

I work very closely with my clients and become invested in their projects because I know from my own experience that publishing a book is meaningful work. Through my passion and engagement, I encourage authors to share their stories and equip them with the tools to do so. I strongly believe that an author can make a positive impact on this world through the art of story telling.

I strive to not only meet but exceed my client’s expectations, which stems from a place of open communication and trust with everyone I work with. 

I know how discouraging publishing can be, even how discouraging pursuing an idea can be. I want to help wherever I can, whether that be illustrating, marketing or just getting your manuscript print ready. Publishing is a journey and I want to be be a part of yours, because your ideas matter.


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