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Hi, I'm so happy you're here! My name is Erin and I am an Illustrator.

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Jims Road Home

"Erin is incredible! Her illustrations are fantastic. She was very responsive to the many questions I asked her. She was also quick at making edits so that my project was exactly how I dreamed it would be. I would highly recommend Inkling Publishing!"


- Rachel Armstrong

Character Sketch

"Thank you Inkling Publishing for your support! You are the best kids Illustrator. You are an excellent communicator and a great person to work with."


- Faustina Mullings

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Explore earth for the first time with Arty the Alien or check out The Colourful Adventures of Smudge, my lasest book!


Explore the Blog

Find tips, tricks and inspiration on my blog about being an illustrator in Toronto.

The Finish Line Package
The Book Buddy Package
Recycled Paper

"After years of writing but never taking the next step, I finally decided to send one of my books off to press. The writing was apparently the easy part as there were several other steps required before I could get my hands on a hard copy of my book. Who could help me with all that was required? Erin Cutler that’s who! She guided me through the entire process and put me on the perfect path from applying for copyright and ISBN codes to setting up an online presence to reach my potential readers. There are many of us who have a burning desire to write but need technical support (especially now) to share the stories in our hearts and minds. I cannot thank Erin enough for her patience and guidance throughout this process. I highly recommend Erin to all kindred-writers!" 


- P. Amanda Frumkin

The Illustrator Package
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